How to Find Files of Apps,Games,MIDlets and Messages Installed in Symbian S60 Phones (3rd, 5th

In Symbian s60v2phones the system files and folders were neatly arranged and easily accessible. However this changed (into a mess) in Symbian 3rd ed onwards as Nokia pepped up the security of OS. Here I am listing usual locations of system folders where you can find files related to themes, mails, java apps (jar files) after installation:
J2me apps folder: where you can find all the installed MIDlets (jar files) in case you want them for any reason – E:/Private/102033E6/MIDlets and same folder in C:
Mails (Messages) folder – E:/Private/1000484b and same folder in C:
.skn files of installed themes – E:/Private/10207114/import
Other files (.mbm, .mif) of installed themes – E:/resource/skins
Log (call and data record) database (logdbu.dat file) – C:/Private/101f401d
Other phone's native apps database files – C:/Private/100012a5
(Contacts, notepad, browser bookmarks, nssvasdatabase, sidatabase and many other .db files which can be deleted if required to reset any app.)
reg.rsc or .rxx files of installed apps – E:/Private/10003a3f/import/apps
.mif, .mbm, .rsc files of installed apps– E:/resource/apps
.dll and .exe files of installed apps – E:/sys/bin and C:/SYS/BIN and C:/SYS/HASH
Note –
1. To access Symbian system folders (given above), either the phone has to be hacked,For that go HERE
3. Interestingly the above locations apply to all Symbian S60 (3rd ed and later) phones including the latest version (Symbian^3). So can we say – Symbian^3 is very much the same as S60 3rd ed (Symbian^1) in terms of O.S.

By Usman Asghar
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