Easiest Way to Hack your Symbian Mobile(Nokia,Samsung etc) by Usman and Salman

Symbian hacking with Norton Anti Virus App Full details By Usman and Salman and Wajid

 Hacking Guide for All Nokia Symbian Devices
I am using this method on Nokia N73,E66,E75,N86 8MP AND N8 and it is working perfect.

Symbian hack by Norton Security . By Salman Asghar
1. install NortonSymbianHackLDD.sis from the Archeive

2. Launch
3. Go Options- Anti-Virus - Quarantine list
4. Go Options - Restore All, accept prompt
5. Exit application, delete from App manager ( Symantec Symbian Hack ). Also delete c:\shared\ Xplore..Install Xplore from the Archeive you Download
6. Install RomPatcherPlus_3.1_LiteVersion.sisxfrom hack archive
7. Launch and apply patches:
-(a) Apply Open4all for full access to file system by pressing ok button on it..
if on Rompatcher all 2 files are clicked yes then ok if not
then use Installserver for installing any unsigned applications ( if red cross - get installserver.exe from the archeive of InstallServer in downloaded Zip File)
Set patches to auto if needed

Run X-plore, press 0 and tick all four boxes.
4. Go to c: Try to access c:sys:bin
7.Now extract and copy InstallServers for your suitable phone,this is also available in download archeive

Now your Phone is Hacked Successfully...and have total Access to Your Symbian Phone

If any Problem Comment or Email

Download Full Archeive or from below