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Here is an easy way to make money online, all you have to do for it is, answer questions at, posted by other site members. Questions are asked on a wide variety of topics like health and fitness, law, pets, science, tech and you name what. Any member can answer any question but it is the quality of the answer that matters. Many members answer a question but theuser that posted the question selects the most suitable/satisfactory one. It is calledan "awarded answer". Now the Adsense ads appearing at the awarded answer page will earn money for the user (Who posted the awarded answer).

You have to join webanswers to answer questions. After email verification you can start answering the questions right away but remember to answer the questions as clearly, precisely and exactly as you can. Once you have posted 10 answers (irrespective of awarded ornot) you will get an email invitation to create an Adsense account (or link an existing one). Interestingly "Webanswers" has partnered with Google to facilitate its users in creating an Adsense account (without even having a website!!!). However if you already have an Adsense account it can also be linked to your webanswers.comaccount.
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