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Specification Review Apple iPhone 5
 - Apple makes itself an easy target. For all its bluster, its secrecy, its aloofness, its promises of magic and revolution; it's easy to fall into the trap of loving or loathing the company, what it stands for and, most importantly, its products. But when you strip back all the hype and hyperbole, the iPhone 5 is still a smartphone like any other, and we've tried to review it as such.

Specification Review Apple iPhone 5

A lot has been said about this design already and yet, there are still a few surprises we noticed when we first unpacked the box. It is noticeably lighter than the 4S, which you can feel as soon as you pick it up. It's slimmer too, though, this change is hard to spot. The new aluminium and glass chassis is striking definitely one of the better refinements of Apple's design. And, for the first time in several years, the black version of the iPhone looks better than the white, with a sleek metallic blue hue when the light strikes it at certain angles.

The major hardware milestone to consider in this release is the welcome addition of 4G data speeds. In Australia, you have 4G options with both Telstra and Optus, and after trying the iPhone 5 on both, we definitely recommend considering a 4G network for the iPhone. Apple's new A6 processor delivers a user experience as seamless as everyprocessor in every iPhone before it. We've come to expect silky smooth performance when using an iPhone, and this is no exception.

The iPhone has a few new photography tricks up its sleeve, too. For starters, you can now take a photo while shooting a video, even at 1080p resolution, which is a handy feature that we think loads of people will find a use for. You can also shoot panorama pics, which is easy to do and the results tend to be pretty sharp.

When it boils down to it, Apple vs. Android wars aside, the real reason to choose an iPhone over an Android phone, or not, is iOS. Apple's operating platform is fantastic for many dozens of small reasons, but it is its uniformity that makes it feel so accomplished. After reviewing nearly four-dozen Android phones and tablets this year, it is impossible to deny how nice it is to use a system where every app, regardless of its origin, has the same visual elements and the same polish.

The new design is unlike any headphones we've seen before, and "EarPods" are a perfect descriptor. Compared with other in-ear headphones, the EarPods are remarkably comfortable to wear. 

EarPods Apple iPhone 5

Apple's rigid design ethos isn't without compromises though, and savvy users are recommended to consider the alternatives. Apple's design focuses on looks rather than ergonomics, iOS is mostly uncustomisable, and connectivity expansions, like HDMI and SD cards, are available only through expensive Apple-designed adapters.

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